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REPORT IF THE HEPATITIS B AND C SCREENING OF THE 34TH IFUMSA HEALTH WEEK  The Hepatitis B and C screening took place on the 27th of September 2019 at the White house basement. It was initially supposed to hold along with the blood drive on the 23rd of September 2019 but due to a challenge in logistics, it was postponed till the 27th of September. The blood drive however did not hold on the 27th as palnned due to a problem encountered in getting the security clearance required by the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) , the organization supposed to be in charge of the blood drive.
Many students and staff from the Faculty of Science showed up to be screened as the screening was completely free and students from the College of Health sciences also showed up for the screening. Those who came around for the screening were sensitized by Josh Trager whilst he took their blood pressure about the hepatitis virus, it’s types,how it could be contracted, the freuency of occurrence,effects,and treatments. The hepatitis screening test was carried out by about three individuals in part 5; Dami Orotunde, Omananyi Hadassah, Oluwasogbon Aanuoluwapo and Femi Agboola in part six who ensured the participants knew the effects of being positive and negative to the test; how they could get vaccinated if they were negative and steps to be taken if they were positive.
As the number of people who showed up to be screened thinned and finally came to a halt,the screening ended and the team packed up their equipment. The more than efficient welfare secretary, Shelawills, provided well deserved refreshmenst for the screening team. Despite the challenges faced in setting up the screening, it proved to be an immense success.

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