Six Ways to Make Them Look

Six Ways to Make Them Look

It does not matter if I have Gucci on, neither does it matter if I have Louis Vuitton. Heck, you cannot even see me because I’m hidden behind my words. But you’re reading this so guess what? – I made you look! ( Mhm- mhm-mhm in Meighan Trainor’s voice). And with the right attitude to life, you will make them look, too.

The way you dress indeed plays a major role in how attractive or good you look, and being fashion-forward earns you a lot of attention. However, there are intangible qualities that far outweigh showing up in a great outfit. These qualities increase your attractiveness and make you a looker even in the most basic of outfits. So, taking a cue from the part of Meghan Trainor’s song ” made you look” which says “But even with nothing on bet I made you look”. I’m here to show you how you can turn heads and get admiration even without clothes. And no , I don’t mean you should go naked, which, let’s be frank, will automatically make ’em look.

Here are 6 qualities that will make them look.

1. Be you till full

Six Ways to Make Them Look

Be yourself, or rather be the best version of yourself. Let your personality shine through. Be your fun, weird, smart, funny, amazing self while working hard to be better and to get rid of your not-so-great qualities. You’re at your most beautiful when you’re truly yourself.

2. Posture

Six Ways to Make Them Look

The way you carry yourself is important. When you sit down you should not slouch and you should not bend while walking. A good posture makes you walk taller and gives you a confidence boost. It also makes you look elegant and well put together and what a head-turner that is.

3. Be kind

Kindness is a gorgeous trait. When you are nice and friendly, the kind of person that always has a kind word to say,  hands ever ready to help and arms always open to hug and offer comfort to weary hearts, you, my dear, are charming by default. Kindness has a way of melting people’s hearts. Therefore, People have great admiration for kind people.

4. Confidence and Charisma

 It shows in everything you do. The way you speak, the way you walk, talk and the way you approach life with courage. You walk into the room with your head held high.  Timidity who?. People also feel that confidence as pure energy when you are around and who wouldn’t be attracted to that? Confidence is a good quality when possessed in the right amount. As you know overconfidence could lead to pride and pride often goes before a fall.

5. Be happy

Happiness is such an attractive quality. it is a sign of optimism, hope and positivity, the kind of energy many long to be arround. When you smile genuinely it brightens your appearance and makes you look even more gorgeous. Furthermore, happiness is contagious and when you smile and laugh, you indirectly give others the freedom to do the same. Besides, as Sia said, you’re never fully dressed without a smile

6. Be Excellent

Strive to develop a habit of excellence in everything you do and you will not only make them look. They will seek you out for many opportunities as well. Let the expert level be your normal level.

You might be the type that detests attention but I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, that no matter how invisible you feel or wish you are, you are still seen. People will always look. People are always watching. It might be a glance, it might be a stare but whatever it is, even though the aim is not to be a people pleaser, be sure to make it worth their while.

Also, your attitude determines your altitude so be good for you boo.

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